Liz reading

Hi, I’m Liz

Artist, Designer, Maker.

Did you know I used to be a librarian?! Its true, although when this was my job, no one believed me when I told them…

I don’t know why!

My vision is to create beautuful jewellery and art with good vibes, that can hold fond memories for people.

I aim to put joy into taking time for ourselves though engaging, fun and playful creative courses. My passion is being creative, experimental and explorative and I want to share that with you!

My Journey

I moved on from the quiet world of books towards community and environmental work which had always been a passion of mine. As a child I was planting trees when I was 5 years old and rescuing frogs from dangerous places…

I even set up a ‘Frog Rescue’ service at one point!

Outdoor Play Sessions with children

Tin Can art by Indigo Star


There has always been a creative element to my work

– most of my projects have incorporated creative processes and artwork and I love supporting others to develop their own styles and ideas.

A new direction

Indigo Star started with the aim of taking control as work in the voluntary sector had become very unstable and it felt that there were less opportunities to continue my creative journey.

I still wanted to bring a bit of joy to people, but I wanted to make it happen for myself. I started running projects in collaboration with other people and organisations. This this gave me a way forward to explore new things and new ways of working.

Natural Art created by a group of young people

Jewellery Making

Over time, I wanted to feed my own creativity. I remembered dabbling with making jewellery when I was younger and decided to take a few courses. Turns out I loved it! The best thing was, that the two parts of my business could run alongside each other.

I’ve always collected jewellery – its something that resonates with me. I appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making a piece, and I form a connection with it. It has memory and meaning to it that is personal to me. I can often tell the story of where I bought something and what thoughts and feelings it provoked at the time.

Stamping alunimium bracelets

I make things that I love to make.

I make things that I love and I hope other people will like, or that might help them express their connections and feelings towards other people. I run workshops that provide a safe space for people to connect with others, have fun, and try new things.


Within my work, I go on tangents, I try new things, I am creative, I am what I am!

Why do I love what I do?

When you hear people’s stories of why they have bought an item and what it means to them, or someone tells you the benefits they have felt from attending a workshop, you know you have achieved, you know you have contributed and are connected to the world.


Do I still buy jewellery?
Of course! I think I might be addicted…

Pocket Hug hand stamped on pewter