Birthday Pocket Pebble


These Birthday Pebbles are delightful tokens crafted to celebrate milestone birthdays and make the special day even more memorable. Each pebble is thoughtfully designed to commemorate significant milestones, adding a touch of joy and sentiment to the celebration.

Smooth to the touch, these pocket-sized gems are perfect for marking important ages such as 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, and beyond. Whether tucked into a birthday card, displayed on a gift table, or carried in a pocket, my Birthday Pebbles make for a charming and personalised addition to any birthday celebration.

Each Birthday Pebble is a distinctive memento, reflecting the significance of the occasion, and its subtle imperfections only enhance its character. Elevate the birthday festivities with our special Birthday Pebbles – meaningful tokens that capture the spirit of milestone moments and add an extra layer of joy to the celebration.

Discover the soothing magic of pocket pebbles – your perfect companions for moments of calm and comfort! These little wonders are versatile, serving as anxiety-relievers, fidget-friendly tokens, or sweet reminders to let others know you're thinking of them. Tuck them into your pocket, wallet, bag, or even under your pillow – wherever they can work their comforting charm best. With their lovely tactile feel, these hand-poured pebbles offer a relaxing experience as you play with them in your hands. Embrace the uniqueness and rustic charm of each pebble, as their handcrafted nature brings forth slight imperfections that make them truly special. Let the calming influence of pocket pebbles enhance your daily moments.

The backing card reads 'pop me in your pocket... then wherever you are, whatever you do, you'll know I'm thinking of you

About this pocket pebble:

This pebble is hand stamped using metal stamping tools and techniques.


Pebbles range from approximately 1.5cm – 2.5cm diameter circle (they are hand poured so won't be precise sizes and shapes)


I can send your item directly to the recipient. If you would like to do this, please do the following:

  1. In the checkout, put the recipient’s name and address in the delivery section.
  2. In order notes, write the word GIFT and add your message.

Your message will be written on an Indigo Star gift message card.


Remove jewellery before bathing and keep away from water and perfumes.



Packaged on a Kraft card backing with a cello bag.



Each item is made to order.

All hand stamped items are stamped by hand, each letter or image is stamped individually. for this reason, there may be slight differences in spacing and lining which adds to the unique style and character of the piece.


Actual colours, tones, brightness etc may vary from what you see on your monitor.


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